Keep Your Exterior Trim in Good Condition

Invest in custom trim wraps for your property in Webster, NY

You shouldn't have to repaint or replace your exterior trim frequently. Make your trim low-maintenance with help from Stivers Seamless Gutters, LLC. We install custom trim wraps for residential and commercial clients in and around Webster, NY. Our aluminum metal wraps are made from top-of-the-line materials and can be installed on nearly any home or building.

Are you building a new home? We recommend installing custom trim wraps right away. This will prevent future damage and maintenance costs.

Call 585-280-0107 now to learn more about our aluminum metal wraps.

What is the purpose of wrapping your trim?

Not sure if you should invest in custom trim wraps? Wrapping your trim can...

  • Extend the life span of your trim
  • Prevent pest invasions
  • Keep moisture out of your home
It will also help you avoid repainting your trim frequently. Contact us today to set up trim wrapping services.